Monday, December 13, 2010

In Defense of Mendy and Heidy

In case you have been living under a rock the past week, there was a People's Court video that involved a frum couple and a ruined sheitel (wig). What ensued has become a major horrible disgusting chillul Hashem. The video can be found on this blog HERE.

About a week ago, an article appeared on Vos Iz Neias that investigated the entire story a step further. What really happened? Why did it happen? The article, written and investigated by Rabbi Yair Hoffman still left a bunch of questions. The article, if you havent seen it yet can be found HERE.

An interview with GEORGIE, owner of the wig shop, came out today. I believe Rabbi Yair Hoffman is the one speaking to her about the entire fiasco and this is what she had to say...


The consensus seems to be that there might be more to the story than what was edited to be showed on TV but regardless... THEY ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS for putting themselves out there for something like this to happen.


  1. The cover up is ridiculous, and so typical of the usual chillul HaShem stories we've unfortunately seen too much of recently. The whole thing is awful and instead of trying to convince frum Jews how 'innocent' these horrible people are, all these writers should work on undoing the chillul HaShem generated by all this.

  2. Cover up? Thats accusing a bunch of people of lying... it was extremely stupid for them to go on the show and the chillul HAshem cant be undone by them but in the end of the day its an edited show and i dont think you have any proof that any of them are 100% lying!