Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dont Ask Dont Tell - R.I.P

The Senate today, voted 63-33 to repeal the policy of Dont Ask Dont Tell regarding gays in the military. 8 Republicans and 2 Independents voted with Democrats for this historic vote. For more information on the vote check out Fox News HERE.


Is it the right time to repeal the long standing policy and change the status quo? Will this make life any safer for homosexuals in the army? Regardless of what my religious stance is about homosexuality, I honestly dont feel that it is right to force this agenda in the public sphere at the expense of our brave soldiers.

I assume that MOST men in the army will be greatly uncomfortable around soldiers they know that are outwardly gay. The unit, a tight group of guys who spend a tremendous amount of time with each other, will most likely not appreciate having thoughts in the back of their heads that one of their unit members has the hots for him. I am not saying that gay men have feelings for every single guy they see, but for soldiers who live in barracks together it cannot possibly be a good environment. I worry for those soldiers who decide to be openly gay. They might be opening up many new troubles for themselves that they might not be anticipating. I pray that this does not hurt them even more.

It would be interesting for the army to keep statistics of how many people choose to "come out" in the army now because this policy is repealed and how many openly gay individuals will join in the future.

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