Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strange Facebook Friend Requests

Lets put it out there…. I am friends with a ton of people on facebook. I am a friendly open person, was President of Student Council at YU, camp, NCSY and very into the Jewish music scene.

Most of the times I get strange friend request from your run of the mill tuna beigelswho friend me because I am friends with a lot of the Jewish Music world.

My usual reply to strangers is “Heyyy, do i know you??” Usually this takes care of the weirdos, who by not replying get denied. Sometimes I get a message back saying… “looking to make new friends” or “I love all yidden thought we can be friends”, those also get denied but with a good laugh beforehand!

This time… it was a name that sounded familiar. The person is from my hometown and his last name sounded familiar because I think I was in NCSY with one sibling and in Ida Crown (high school) with another sibling of this person.

After my usual “heyyy do i know you??” I got the following response… THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE!

“I’m not sure but you look familiar and we have a lot of interesting freinds in common. maybe you know this chick named marry jane? she’s pretty popular, we might have met through her.”

COME ON DUDE…. PATHETIC! Stop smoking pot… and get some real friends in real life!

Does anyone else have an similar funny stories about strange friend requests?